Case Studies

Since its launch, Care for Ads has helped many advertisers improve their digital strategies.

About 4,500 potential customer contacts per month

Digital campaigns managed by Care for Ads play a significant role in the sales of Automobile En

90% improvement in cost per conversion

Thanks to our tools and optimizations, Automobile En obtained nearly 10 times more conversions than with its previous agency, with equal budget.

More than 30% increase in annual budget

Given the good results obtained, Automobile En has continuously increased its investments with Care for Ads.


With its inventory of more than 2,000 vehicles and 200 employees, Automobile En manages some of the largest used vehicle centers in Quebec. To these are added two Chrysler dealers in Montérégie.


1. Maximize the number of contacts and requests for information made from the client's website (by form, chat, phone or email).

2. Adapt the media strategy to every stage of the purchasing process and the different target profiles (income, occupation, with or without children, etc.).

3. Surpass competitors' tactics and counter their attacks.

39% improvement in cost per conversion

By changing partner and trusting Care for Ads, Sesame has improved the performance of its campaigns and obtained more restaurant bookings.

42% increase in average visit time on the website

By excluding converted users from the campaign, the budget could be used to acquire new customers ready to discover Sesame's website.

About 23% decrease in bounce rate

Through a continuous evaluation of the web analytic data, Care for Ads has identified the content best suited to each audience and thus improved the retention of the site.


Founded in 2011, Sesame is a growing restaurant chain. It is aimed at all lovers of Asian cuisine and proposes to revisit the great culinary classics from the Far East which it prepares on site, using fresh products.


1. Maximize the number of bookings (through the website or by phone) and walk-ins throughout the year.

2. Support the opening of new franchises with appropriate advertising tactics.

3. Increase brand awareness among young adults (customer renewal).

40% improvement in cost per conversion

With the digital campaign by Care for Ads, Génie-inc's site registered 40% more job-seeker registrations.

Bounce rate 41% lower than that of organic taffic

Advertisements from Care for Ads have been able to offer better visitor retention than organic traffic sources.


Génie-inc is a job site for engineers. With properties like Espresso-Jobs or Droit-inc, it is part of the Velan Media network and was launched in 2017.


Get new job-seeker registration on the website.

Optimization Supported by Data

In order to achieve the best possible results for our clients, we base our strategic decisions on tangible data and statistically significant observations.