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Science in the Service of Digital.

Care for Ads is a digital advertising agency which uses statistics and automation to deliver better results for advertisers.

Our Values

Care for Ads's core values are at the heart of our working practices and define a framework which allows an efficient and rigorous management of advertising campaigns.


Thanks to our fully automated solutions, we can focus on what matters most: strategic thinking and optimization. The perfect synergy between human and machine for high-performing digital campaigns.


We are the only agency that combines marketing and statistics in the management of media buying. We have designed a unique cross-platform attribution model that drastically improves the efficiency of our digital tactics.


At any time, our clients have access to the data and results of their campaigns, as well as the invoices from networks and platforms. Our work is clean and we are proud of it.


We are constantly developing new proprietary tools to serve the best interests of advertisers and enhance the technology offering of the industry.

Our Services

Digital advertisements can be displayed on four main media channels, each with its strengths and weaknesses. Our long experience has allowed us to develop a sharp knowledge of their specificities.

Search Engines

Whatever the industry, it is now impossible to acquire new customers without search engine management (SEM). Our tactics can withstand fierce competition and position a brand as a reference on Google, Bing and other engines.

Social Media

With an always declining organic reach on Facebook and Instagram, good community management is not enough anymore. We ensure that our clients' content is seen and assimilated by the greatest number and truly supports their long-term growth.


From banners to YouTube videos, display advertising offers a wide variety of formats. Its indirect effect on the campaign results makes it particularly difficult to assess, but thanks to our proprietary tools, we are able to make use of its full potential.

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At a time when more and more effort is needed to capture users' attention and ad blockers are rapidly being democratized, this relatively new format offers great opportunities for brands to communicate.

Frequently Asked Questions

By serving many advertisers with distinct objectives, the agency strengthens its expertise continuously. The methods and tools it designs benefit all its clients and deliver tangible results faster and at lower cost.

By deciding to fully assume its role as an agency, Care for Ads has developed several automation algorithms which guarantee a rigorous management of the advertising investments with which it is entrusted.

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The first step in a customer acquisition strategy is the implementation of a reliable conversion tracking system. After an in-depth analysis of the purchase journey, our experts can identify key indicators (or KPIs) to get the most out of every advertiser's digital ecosystem.

Embedded in our proprietary attribution model, these indicators are at the core of each of our strategic decisions. At Care for Ads, we believe that intuition has no place in media management and that only statistically significant data matter.

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Diversity of advertising formats, platform complexity and data discrepancies among channels make it sometimes difficult to assess the impact of one tactic on recorded sales. That is why Care for Ads ensures that its clients are accompanied from the evaluation of the marketing objectives until the presentation of the results.

Our primary mission is to deliver profitable campaigns. When we support an advertiser's digital communication, we make sure our tactics focus on high-margin products and services. In over 80% of cases, we achieve a positive return on investment (ROI) in less than three months.

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Brands have two means at their disposal to appear on the first page of search engines: improve the indexing of their webpages or invest in advertising. At Care for Ads, we design SEM campaigns which take into account the organic indexing (SEO) to avoid cannibalization of non-paid visits.

Our scientific approach to digital media aims at generating conversions which add up to those that advertisers can acquire on their own. We want to embody a clear added value to our clients' business models.

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"Care for Ads has been working for many years on our digital campaigns. The rigour and care they put into the optimization of our investments obtain excellent results."

Sébastien Bisaillon, CEO

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