Proprietary and exclusive solutions for advertisers.

The Alliance of Man and Machine.

We design software based on advertising platform APIs and statistical principles. Thus we benefit from custom tools ― at the cutting edge of technology ― to do better than the competition.


Care for Ads is the only agency in North America to have developed a statistical cross-platform attribution model. With this unique tool, we can determine the real impact of each platform on campaign conversions.

When others resort to intuitive models without any solid mathematical foundations (last click, time decay, linear, etc.) or to turnkey solutions which are real black boxes, we support our analysis on Bayesian statistics and put an end to double attribution once and for all.


Under this name, we group together all the optimization algorithms that we design to continuously improve the return on investment of our customers.

At Care for Ads, we automated part of campaign management (dynamic budget allocation, real-time bid adjustment, etc.) to spend as much time as possible on analysis and strategy.


When an advertiser promotes a wide range of products or services, it is important to ensure that its ads reflect the variety of its catalogue.

In order to do this, we have set up an inventory synchronization system that allows dynamic retargeting on Google and Facebook Ads, but also creation or suspension of advertisements based on inventory status.


In addition to monthly reports, we offer campaign dashboards to track the evolution of media investment day after day.

These dashboards are accessible online at any time and draw their data directly from Facebook, Google or LinkedIn's servers. This is one of the many transparency guarantees we offer and our STAT solution is included by default.