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All platforms, All Formats.

We select the most suitable platforms for our clients' markets, targets, objectives and ecosystems. With our experience and technology, we are in the best position to test the potential of the latest on-trend formats.

Media strategy and planning
Design of an action plan and a media calendar according to the advertiser's objectives and budget.
Media buying and relationship with advertising networks
Negotiation with networks of rates and delivery conditions to maximize the return on investment for the advertiser.
Conversion tracking and retargeting systems
Implementation of the pixels and trackers of the various platforms on the advertiser's website or mobile application.
Synchronization between inventory and campaigns
Automatic generation and suspension of advertisements depending on stock availability and dynamic retargeting of e-commerce visitors.
Monthly reports and follow-up
Campaign delivery update in the middle of the month, followed by a detailed report ― including our recommendations ― at the end of the month.
Detailed audit of advertising accounts
Evaluation of the parameters and performance of advertising accounts and development of an action plan to improve yield.

Our Engagements


Our team is made up of the best optimization and statistics specialists who have managed some of the biggest national brands' advertising campaigns.


Too often the lack of results of a campaign is due to setting and tracking errors. We guarantee extremely rigorous management of advertising accounts.


Transparency is one of the foundations of Care for Ads. We are not afraid to announce bad news if it helps to avoid later bad media investments.


We pay special attention to the confidentiality of our clients' data. Our team uses encrypted communication and hosting solutions with the highest security standards.